Andrea Satta born in Cagliari in 1969. His passion for photography starts when he was a child and he take pictures to landscapes, objects and ordinary or strange situations. In 1991 he graduates at the "Liceo artistico statale di Cagliari" and after some role in the theater he decided to move to Milan.

He begins to shoot with film cameras as the Rich xr-s and the Praktica. Then it switched to digital, from Fuji and Kodak to Canon, approaching the professional photography as autodidact, enhanced through some workshops as important as those of the Canon Academy of Milan, Farini Area 6 and a photography school called Unitre to finish her education with a diploma in photography at the institute analog-digital CFP bauer of Milan.

Thanks to this passion he starts a collaboration with the web-commerce society as still-life and interior photographer. Self-employed since 2010, decided to devote herself as a freelance.

Through the use of Photoshop, he emerged as an excellent craftsman in photo-editing, from the easier work for models to those more artistic and complex. In 2006 he won first prize in the category "Monuments in Milan" at the School of Photography Unitre. In 2008-09, he does the various exhibitions of his artwork getting good recognition. In 2009, enter the contest "Identity mutants" of Bertolt Brecht's cultural circle of Milan, winning first prize in the photography section.

Always enthusiastic about his work and always looking for perfection, he opened his own photo lab where he does still life and photo books works.

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